May 4, 2018


Today marks a decade since we got married. Two whole hands. It is a tad unbelievable when I think about it but at the same time it seems like it has been forever.  There has been a huge amount of growth, change, storms, rainbows…you name it, it has probably happened. Within about 4 months of meeting we were engaged. We had our one year dating anniversary on our honeymoon. A few months after we got married Tim left for the police academy. About 18 months after we got married we had Sophie and it has been nonstop since day 1. The way that the Lord has worked through Tim and I and held us together through everything is nothing short of a miracle. God gave Tim this insane skill of patience and faithfulness that I have never seen in anyone else. I have seen qualities in Tim throughout our marriage that I had no idea he had.It was like opening a new gift every time. God has used him to keep our marriage intact when it was hard. I could cry a bucket full of tears just thinking about all the times Tim has loved me when he didn’t have to, protected me when I felt vulnerable, and encouraged me when I felt alone. I had no clue how to sacrifice much less  how to be a wife when we got married so Tim’s job has been far from easy. He has walked beside me through it all and I could not ask for anyone better to stand next to every day.

Pictures by Erin Drago


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