May 10, 2018

School’s Out.


** There is suppose to be a 2 in front of that “nd”. That about sums up our school year…**


I love homeschooling. My kids love homeschooling. I think right now it is the best decision for our family. I just got to sit on the couch sipping coffee with Knox while we clapped out syllables…Never mind- Knox just stabbed himself in the back of the throat with his pencil and made himself gag. He’s gonna need a second to regroup. Syllables weren’t even on my “lesson plans” to begin with.  Anyway, that doesn’t mean I can’t be glad this school year is over. We just wrapped up our 3rd year and it has been the hardest by far. Maybe some of you seasoned homeschooling mamas are thinking to yourself “you just wait, it gets harder” (my least favorite saying of ALL time) and if thats the case, just keep it to yourself or I am throwing in the towel before I order curriculum for next year! Who am I kidding, I won’t order it until August. But, back to it being the hardest year. Why you ask? Silas. That sweet precious Silas that learned to climb and walk right before the school year started and dropped his morning nap a few months in. That equals a disaster. Everybody just needed ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME ALL AT ONCE. If Sophie wasn’t hollering that he was on top of the table ripping her papers in half Knox was screaming that Silas stole his pencil and threw it across the room. Knox’s k4 book is literally hanging on by a thread. It looks like I handed it over to one of the goats and let it go to town. But really Silas went to town, every day! I know with different seasons come different struggles. So what is hard this year maybe be totally different next year and if I am alive to blog about it then maybe I will realize this in fact this wasn’t the hardest year and I will retract all of these words. Time will tell. Until then, I am so SO happy summer is here to give us time to pray about what God desires for our family in the following school year, reflect on our year and make changes where it is needed,GO TO THE POOL, and also train Silas to watch more than 5 minutes of tv. If he would watch a whole episode of paw patrol we would be in business!!! I sit here and blame it on Silas because well, he was part of the problem but I was a lot of the problem as well. I let my anxiety, my controlling personality, my selfish desires, and my unrealistic expectations get in the way once again and that can make me a tad grumpy. So when I say this summer I need to pray about the following year and reflect on what changes need to be made, I am talking about myself! It sucks to admit but acceptance is a good first step, right? I tend to forget that I am blessed with this amazing opportunity to teach my kids…to really feed them and their creativity…to study Gods word just as much as we study math…to get outside and learn about creation and yet I let my schedule and my needs and all the pressure get in the way of making it something beautiful and memorable for them. But, here is to dusting off my behind and trying again next year!

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