May 23, 2018

The Hjalmer’s.

You guys. Where do I even start with this family. Christina and Ben just had their third baby! ¬†Christina and I have been friends for drumroll please…24 years. When you are friends for that long you know the good, the bad, and the in between. We can communicate with full mouths and facial expressions. We have been called sisters since the beginning. We have spent countless nights, holidays, and birthdays together but nothing beats raising kids with her. We have this really honest really open communication about birth, newborns, toddlers, sleepless nights, nursing, and just being a mama. All the good things and all the really hard, dark, tough stuff. Her friendship and her open nonjudgemental ears has been sanity saving. I cherish her so much and I love seeing her be a mama!

Her and her husband Ben are also foster parents. Ive seen children come and go in their home and I’ve seen them love them and care for them even when it wasn’t easy or convenient. They show and teach each child who Christ is in a way they will never forget. Right now they have the most handsome 2 year old and I promise you…each child that has come, grows and changes so much. His precious smile gets brighter every day that I see him.

If you know this family-then you love this family. They have probably impacted you in some sort of way. What a beautiful family that lives their life for others, pointing everything they do to Jesus!



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