July 3, 2018

The Stumbo’s Went To The Beach

Sometime earlier in the year, January maybe, my father in law sent out a mass email to the family. ( When there is 49 people in your immediate family you can call it a mass email!) The email said he had booked 3 beach houses for everyone in June. When I received that email, seriously, my blood pressure raised a liiitttttllllle bit. Not because I don’t love them all but because a lot can happen. A lot of kids,a lot of kids schedules, a lot of dark water with sharks, and a lot of opinions (just kidding, the stumbo’s don’t have opinions, ha). Well, here I am blogging about the trip so I lived to tell about and it was SO good!! So good that we are going to try and do it every other year. When we get together for holidays etc. it’ s hard to spend good quality time together. Families are usually coming and going, its usually surrounded by a meal which can get crazy, and the kids are always upstairs or outside playing so they are hardly ever seen. On this trip you are kinda forced to be together for a week. We got to spend time with nieces and nephews more than we usually do, meet a new beautiful niece and get surprised about two more, shared glasses of wine and cups of coffee on the back deck every night and every morning, guitars were played in the background of a lot of conversations by all of the talented guys, basketball was being played most evenings after dinner and kiddos getting out their last bit of energy in the yard, guys playing football and wrestling on the beach, lots of sandy babies playing together on the shore, the longest row of beach chairs in history, and so much laughter-especially when a seagull crapped in my eye. I really am so glad that we took what sounded like an impossible feat getting everyone together and turned it into reality. I think everyone left feeling grateful for the time spent together.



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