August 20, 2018

My Love/Hate Relationship.

I was recently talking to an older someone about raising kids right now in this day and age and how drastically different it is just since I was young. And after spending too much time on instagram I had a few thoughts that I was sick of thinking and wanted to type out. There are so many positives to it all. Having access to pretty much anything at the drop of a hat. Hello, amazon. Ideas and help with basically anything you need. Insert-Pinterest. Keeping up with friends and family that live far away, sharing the exciting times that happen in your life, and a huge part of my photography business-that my friends is, Social Media. But with the positives come so many negatives. I am certain that when I was young and my mother was raising my brother and I that it was not easier by any means but surely it was simpler? Maybe I am wrong. But it is just all so overwhelming sometimes. It can get heavy as a mother comparing, questioning, and coveting. If you took away social media no one would know what every ones kids got under the tree before they even woke up Christmas morning and wonder if you did enough, I wouldn’t waste hours of my week online shopping for something I don’t necessarily need I just see other people have, and it wouldn’t give judgmental/overly opinionated people such an easy platform. Of course, all of this would still happen, some way, some how. But it wouldn’t be at your finger tips to read or look at whenever you wanted. This is not an announcement for going off social media or that I am calling our internet provider tomorrow to cancel service. I mean, heck, that is how I am even writing down my random thoughts and it is how I keep my photography business afloat. I love it all, don’t get me wrong. I just really wish sometimes, sometimes as in every day, that people would be nice. I wish people could share the sweet things going on in their life and no one would blame them for being fake. I also wish sometimes that mothers could make decisions for their children and not have someone bash them or think differently of them. This is probably one that bothers me the most as a mother. I spend the majority of my day worrying. I worry about so much and if I am doing this whole motherhood thing right retracing my steps trying to think of how I could have done something better. I along with every other mother I know just want the best for our kids. We have the VERY BEST intentions in mind. We probably spent many nights awake stressing and many hours praying over everything. EVERYTHING. Mother’s start making decisions the day we pee on the stick and as far as I have seen it hasn’t slowed down. It is just all so exhausting (and wonderful) but the last thing I want to do is get on instagram and see a mom get attacked for something she genuinely thought was the best decision for her family. I could probably write for a while but you would get bored and Silas will be waking up soon ready to climb in my bed where he likes it best. Anybody wanna share their opinion on that?!?! haha, I am totally kidding. Don’t. I am really scared of confrontation. I will cry.


**photos by Erin Drago Photography


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