October 21, 2018

Charleston + Josh.

Photographing children is the majority of what I do. It’s not the easiest but I love the challenge and the rawness of what that they bring. I can have 1,000 ideas in my head on the way to a family shoot and not take a single one because they usually produce something way better. You know what else isn’t easy and also bring there own ideas to the table- dogs. And when you have 3 big ones (and one not pictured little white fur ball that decided to swim during the pond pictures-i edited him out!!) going in all different directions it doesn’t quite go the way you envisioned but it was still so fun!!! Charleston loves her fur babies a whole lot so I wasn’t about to leave them out! We started on her family land and then ended the shoot at Josh’s family land at sunset where I had a stare down with a long horn. I might be a wanna be farm girl but I have this slight fear of cows. I had one monster cow run after me this one time so now going into fences with them gives me a large amount of anxiety. When Charleston and Josh started walking into the fence with that huge bull I just stood there looking at them like they were crazy. Thankfully Josh’s sweet dad picked me up on the gator and promised to keep me safe or they probably wouldn’t have had any pictures with the bull. I think the beast could either sense my fear or he was just wondering who the idiot was trembling in the middle of the pasture because he gave me some crazy long eye contact. Little did I know they have had him since he was a baby and he was basically a part of the family. So, I was scared for absolutely no reason! What a loser! Anyway, it was such a fun shoot, full of adventure with a really sweet couple!!!


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