October 23, 2018


I am loaded down with the best nieces and nephews on both sides of the family. I have two sweet girls on my side and 27 on Tim’s side. The babies are sweet and cuddly. The toddlers are forever crazy and entertaining. The elementary/middle school age disappear when they are all together and don’t show back up until they get hungry but then there are the teenagers who I adore!!! Maybe we are just really lucky but every single one of the teenagers is kind, polite, FUN, and they always play and love on my kids so much. It kind of blows my mind that some are getting old enough to graduate and go off to college and it makes me really sad but also exciting because they are bound for great things! Especially when they think about coming close for college. Wyatt and his family live too far away in Tennesse but he is considering Lander and we couldn’t be more excited to potentially  see his face more!!! Wyatt, we promise not to show up on campus and embarrass you too bad, I will feed you when you aren’t on a strict diet for wrestling, and you can use my kids to pick up all of the ladies. (Just kidding, Angie.) Thank you for thinking I was cool enough to take your senior pictures. One, you are so handsome and two, we are really proud to be a part of your family!


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